Ellen H. Walker
  As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner it has been my passion to help others overcome the life challenges that are making them emotionally sick. 

For more than twelve years I have studied, researched and implemented the latest methods to assist my clients in overcoming their negative emotional challenges. 

It was not until I had several near death experiences, that I truly understood what healing was about and how our emotional well-being and our intuition are vital in the healing process. 

My life experience has been my greatest teacher, to find “the self” to which I am deeply grateful. 

When we love ourselves and are lovingly connected to others, we are bringing ourselves and our world into a more peaceful, balanced and harmonious place, when this loving connection is broken, "all hell breaks loose", within us and around us.
Allow me to gently guide you in your process of becoming the healthy peaceful person you were intended to be.

 With love,

 Ellen H. Walker, CCHt, ADV-EFT 

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